Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worrying Times

*edited to add:* I recommend you read this 9/18/08 article about the rise in "tent cities" across the U.S.

*and another add from today (9/18/08):* Major disaster would overwhelm aid agencies.

I am concerned for the well-being of each American citizen.

As if they weren't rising astronomically already, prices will go up further, as manufacturers and suppliers are faced with higher interest on the loans they carry.

Layoffs and downsizing are already widespread, but this immediate financial crisis will lead to even more job cuts as businesses find they can no longer support salaries and benefits for their people.

Everyday folks who carry adjustable rate loans are soon to see their payments skyrocket. Foreclosures, already a problem, will grow exponentially.

Just getting credit approval will be almost impossible for those ready to buy a home or a car.

No job, no home, no car, no food. The Next Great Depression?

People, let's start looking out for one another now. Think of what you can do to help your family, friends, social circle, and greater community stay close and stay strong.

And if you can afford to donate to the great need in the Gulf states, then send some relief to the victims of Hurricane Ike.