Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Americans reading less - Jul. 12, 2004

The article is not as depressing as it may seem at first scan. Nonfiction is holding up pretty well; it's fiction sales that are suffering. I won't even bring up poetry... (the article doesn't--guess it presumes it's dead).
Americans reading less - Jul. 12, 2004

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Bill Dyckns said...

I saw that. Was wondering who they were looking at. Where they got the figures. I never used to read. But know I make certain I have at leats 5 books backed up and waiting to be opened. I hate this stat thing. Everything is relative. Kids are playing. making plans and plodding thru to make a life. Some..not all..will eventually begin to read in ernest. I hate the "media".
If it comes from that talking head most people take it as the Grail. Which we now know is the bloodline of Jesus and Mary. Read...Check it out. Research. Cheers,Bill