Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Food Love

This is one of my favorite products. You add milk and butter, and--voilá--something a hell of a lot better than your typical bland Alfredo sauce. It is tangy (has blue cheese in the mix) and garlicky to boot. So now you know why I am sorry to report that my #*&($ supermarket hasn't carried it for months now. If I had a minute, I'd ask them what's up. As it is, I will just sulk. I tried Knorr's Alfredo sauce mix in its absence, and my mouth fell asleep in the middle of the meal. I hate the jarred Alfredos, too. I need something with some zip.

So while I'm complaining about food, my favorite baked beans are on sale this week, and my flavor is the only one they are out of. Standing in line for a rain check was out of the question today, sadly.

And because I am nothing if not loyal, I have to share one of my most favoritest products ever with you: Heart-Smart Bisquick (used to be called Low-Fat Bisquick). I use this stuff at least once a week for anything from "quiche" to cornbread to, yes, biscuits. There's not much it can't do--I can make you a three piece suit out of Bisquick if you give me enough lead time. Is it being Southern that makes me a devotée? Or just being addicted to baked goods? Someday I'll share my raspberry-apricot cream cheese Danish recipe with you. It's from the '70s and thus for full-fat Bisquick, but I've made it with Neufchatel and low-fat Bisquick, and it is still teerifique.

In case you were wondering, these three will never appear together at dinner chez moi. Maybe the beans and the Bisquick in some proximity, but the McCormick mix? Naaaa. I have some standards.


Jeff said...

I like all three choices, Mary Louisa. The alfredo sauce mix is especially dee-lish!
Have you checked Walmart?

Christa M. Miller said...

Yeah, I was going to suggest trying different stores too. My local supermarket is woefully understocked, but the Massachusetts chain that competes with it, although further away, has amazing variety.

anne frasier said...

i'm a big fan of low-fat bisquick. i didn't know it was now heart smart!

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what nirve!!

Mary Louisa said...

Jeff, our Walmart is soooo far away, I've only been there once in the five years I've lived in Delaware! Word is, they've built another one closer to me, but I haven't bothered to find out where it is! LOL

Christa, you and Jeff have inspired me to go to other nearby grocery stores. You know how it is, though, when you've got the toddler thing going in the backseat...

Anne, don't you hate it when companies try to make you think their product is actually healthy when it clearly is just less deadly than it was in a previous incarnation? The NIRVE! ;)

anne frasier said...