Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What's on YOUR desk?

I see this on other writers' blogs from time to time, and I've yet to join in, mostly because I don't write at a desk per se, but on the kitchen table. But, because I am seriously procrastinating some editing I need to finish, I will detail for you...

What is on Mary's "desk," from left to right:
  • withered bush bean blossom
  • neon-green foam walrus sticker, its tail stuck to its own underside
  • black Uni-Ball Vision pen, micro tip, my favorite writing instrument
  • red and white checked cloth napkin
  • Baby Van Gogh DVD
  • pile of third birthday cards
  • Thomas the Tank Engine plastic track
  • telephone
  • my Dell laptop
  • Palm Pilot cradle
  • latest Writer's Digest (he's a she!)
  • pepper mill and salt shaker
  • junk mail to shred
  • digital camera
  • another telephone
  • husband's defunct cell phone
  • husband's G4 laptop
  • grocery/menu list
  • glass of water
  • empty decaf mug
  • Stepford Wives (Oz remake) DVD
  • today's News Journal
  • coupon carrier
  • Garden Design issue from May/June 2004
  • rice sock heating pad (I'm tending to a neck spasm)

I'd love to hear from you guys on this, and I know some of you have done it already. Even if you're not a writer, I'd like folks to post a comment with a link to what's on YOUR desk!


Christa M. Miller said...

OK. You asked nicely, so I participated! ;)

rhea said...

Wow! You seem to have a very busy table in there. Though, I was expecting for a mug or jar full of pens, paperclips, a desk clock, an organizer ( never been touched ), a paper weight, an empty photo frame, a cellphone holder, and a box of tissue. Oh my! Was I referring to my own table?

Mary Louisa said...

Rhea, your desk sounds quite tidy--maybe you don't need that organizer after all! But you'd better find a photo to put in the frame. Something to make yourself smile. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Christa, I'm nothing if not polite. ;)

anne frasier said...

you do have a busy table!

i played! another table person.

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks for participating, Anne. Good to know I'm not the only non-desk writer. I seem to be allergic to desks. Lately, one of my early 20th c. recliners has become my favored writing spot, but my laptop makes my thighs very hot. Plus I have to plug the cord in downstairs and thread it through the railing to the upstairs b/c there's not an outlet near the chair. PITA