Friday, October 06, 2006

A Glass of the House Whine, Please

Sorry I've been out of touch, everybody. Here's what I've been up to:

The family room carpet is done, as is the painting. Now we have to reconfigure the furniture and move it back in. But some of it has to be cleaned first, for the same reason the carpet had to be replaced. Dogs who are five percent territorial, ninety-five percent lazy

So here's where they will now live. Yes, I'm letting them share my study. The flooring for the new dog condo and the neighboring powder room is finished. I love the rough brick look. However, we haven't finished painting these rooms. Then the powder room (on the L) needs a new light fixture, its vanity repainted and knob replaced (see said piece on the study floor, awaiting its turn).

We had the same carpet (in "artichoke"--hard to tell the color on the interwebs) put on both staircases and the top floor landing. Oh, I almost forgot--we still have to figure out WINDOW TREATMENTS for the lower level. This job will never end. But when it does, the roof comes next. We're thinking white with solar PV to tie into the power company grid. Anyone out there done this yet?


anne frasier said...

that looks so nice, mary louisa!

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks, Anne. I am so glad it is more than halfway done now. Whew!

Stephanie said...

Looks great ML!! Never ending projects are fun! :) I am loving the brick look, too.

Jeff said...

Hi Mary Louisa. Good luck with the remodeling. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Jeff, hello to you too! I've been out of the blog loop so long it's good to know others are still alive. ;)