Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He's Done it Now

O.J. Simpson has a new book coming out November 30: If I Did It, preceded by a t.v. special, entitled "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."

according to the Chicago Tribune,
Although Simpson has denied committing the crimes, he will describe how he would have carried out the murders if he were guilty, according to a Fox news release.

Okay. My wife--the mother of my children--was brutally murdered. However will I heal from this trauma? Oh, of COURSE! Well, yes, the golf is helping, but I now see that if I can find a public forum in which to fantasize in gruesome detail about being the psychotic son of a bitch who did it, then not only will I find some kind of inner peace, but I will also cement my innocence in the eyes of the world.

The money I'll get? Oh, yeah! That'll be cool too.


JLB said...

That's just so disturbing in so many ways.

(By the way - howdy. I just found you through Jason Evans' blog. Your son did a lovely job on his rendition of the whale).

Jeff said...

I won't be watching the television special, nor will I read the book. Some things are just plain wrong, and this is one of them.

Mary Louisa said...

JLB--howdy and thanks!

Jeff, I want to run the other way whenever I hear the thing mentioned.