Friday, August 31, 2007

No More Popcorn Lung

I've gone back to making my popcorn the old-fashioned way. Well, if you call stove-popped "old fashioned." (No, not Jiffy-Pop, kids.)

I am proud to report that about a month ago I swore off microwave popcorn--even BEFORE I read the report yesterday that the chemicals that give it its buttery flavor are making the factory workers ILL. Yeah, I've always known microwave popcorn was bad for you in a brazillian ways, but I'm slow when it comes to addictions. Aren't we all?

How do you make this reasonably healthy snack? Put some vegetable oil in a pot over medium heat, cover the bottom with a layer of kernels, and pop! Pour on some melted butter and fine salt, stir, and you are set for a couple hours on the couch with the husband and dogs. If you are lucky, you will be watching a Jeeves and Wooster DVD.


Jeff said...

I've always preferred popcorn the old fashioned way popped on the stove. I even have my own special "popcorn pan" to pop it in. :)

Mary Louisa said...

So good to see you, Jeff! How cool to have a devoted "popcorn pan." Back in college my roommates and I had one of those electric popcorn poppers like a wok with a giant plastic lid that doubled as the bowl, I think. Major safety hazard, but what isn't when you're a college student? ;)

Jim said...

This goes along with my favorite rant about how Americans are finally thinking about the food they eat and where it comes from!

Some of that change comes from positive sources, but a lot of it comes from the horrors of e.coli. mad cow and, now, popcorn lung.

We let ourselves be distracted by marketing, packaging and slick advertising to think there was something wrong with real food (such as old-fashioned popcorn)

I think everyone should throw out their microwaves along with their packages of microdeathcorn.