Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's See

We have our Radiohead tickets for August 12. Lawn/general admission, but at least we got some. The Wire Season 5 comes out on DVD the same day. What more could a girl want?

D mowed the lawn today for the first time in 2008. I raked and cleaned the back patio a couple days ago. We're almost ready for spring.

I washed and hung up/put away all the winter coats, mittens, and hats for next year. My car's trunk is full of outgrown clothing, most of which will go to Goodwill. A select few pieces for spring and summer I will try to consign tomorrow.

About two weeks from now, it will be time to clean and put up the winter clothes. Then I can get a glimpse at how measly my summer wardrobe is. It's probably good that I have no shorts, since my legs are the color of wallpaper paste.

Waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back from the school district about N's placement in a gifted class this fall. Turns out our district is facing budget cuts for the same time. So the question of N's test score may be moot if the gifted program is axed.

Still collecting ingredients and ideas for Elimination Diet '08. I lack guar gum. I know I can order it direct from Bob's Red Mill, but I'm still on the lookout for it locally, to save on shipping. Does cream of tartar go bad? I'll need that to make my own baking powder, but I'm worried that my little container container of cream of tartar must be about ten years old.

Keep on, folks.

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