Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three Going on Thirty

You may already know that every night before my daughter drifts off, she draws me in to a surprising Q&A peppered with scraps from the recent past. Tonight she channeled her preschool teacher and made my husband's sinus problem her own.

AC: "My body seems a little stuffed up. With something. I think I need something for it."
Me: "Sleep?"
AC: "No. That's a good guess, though. Something else. What could it be?"
Me: "Let's talk about it tomorrow, okay?"
AC: "No no no. I need to take something. Hmmmm. What is it?"
Me: "Good night."
AC: ...


Katie said...

I feel your pain...Ben does the same thing. How are you? We should get together with the kids again.

Mary Louisa said...

Good to hear from you, Katie! I agree we should all get together. Problem is WHEN!!?? December is turning out to be crazy here. BIL next weekend, my parents after that. If not December, then let's do January. Email me w/an update on YOU!