Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year's End

Just some tidbits to munch on as we finish out the year.

Rocket almost died. He ate an ungodly amount of inedibles a week ago, and now has a long incision down the middle of his belly, lots of staples, and is pretty unsteady. The good news is that he is eating and drinking well and will probably be okay. He is my first baby, so this was quite a scare for me.

I like this ncfoodie person's blog: Check it out!

Today, I have rented Brokeback Mountain for the, oh, tenth (?) time from the library. There is a strong possibility that I will finally watch it tonight. But maybe not.

With my Border's gift card, I bought Sara Gran's Dope and an address book. Can't wait to dive into both. Luckily, one already has words in it.

I've got to stop using Facebook. My multiple personalities coexist uncomfortably on one page that friends from all my eras can access. As my worlds collide, who will prevail? The fair but tough professor? The high school cheerleader? The swinging grad student? The aspiring mystery writer? The gay divorcée? The married mom of two preschoolers? Can they really all be the same person?

A former student called me a few days ago to check in. She does this a couple times a year, and that's okay. Just between you and me, I've always known she was mentally ill. That was a dicey situation, of course, because SHE never knew. But now she knows, and even told me so during the course of our conversation. Funny thing was, she sounded the sanest I've ever heard her. She got married last year. I'm happy for her, I guess, because it was what her parents wanted, and she lives for her parents, but I honestly felt like getting her a lifetime prescription for birth control as a wedding gift, because if there's one person I didn't want to have a kid, it was her. But now, maybe with medication and therapy, she can take better care of herself. She deserves it.


ncfoodie said...

Poor Rocket!! I'm glad he's ok.
I haven't yet watched Brokeback Mountain either.
Thanks for the shout-out!

ncfoodie said...

One more thing, re: Facebook -- you remind me of that Seinfeld episode when "relationship George" was going to kill "independent George":)

StormDawg said...

Two things:

1. Congrats on finally watching "Brokeback Mountain."

2. The word verification I had to enter to post this was "testi."

GG said...

Ooh, I sure do understand about the Facebook thing. Once my Mom and classmates got on, I finally had to go get a blog persona page so I could connect with "friends" from my blog on Facebook without exposing that part of my life (or the family part of my life) to the other part.

StormDawg said...
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Mary Louisa said...

GG, my mother doesn't even know what a blog is. Thank the gods. ;)

Testi, I mean, stormdawg, WE DID IT!! We actually sat down and watched that darned movie. It is still filling up my mind. So, so sad. And really beautiful.

ncfoodie, so far my personalities have graciously allowed one or another to take over as needed. No blood has been shed yet. This is something we may need to talk about further...

StormDawg said...

Of possible interest.

Mary Louisa said...

StormDawg, it's funny that the article mentions KISS makeup, and my previous blog post is a link to a, um, KISS video. Of sorts.

I think they've already sussed me out.