Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Game

My 4yo daughter eats ALL DAY LONG. She doesn't weigh very much and she's exceedingly tall, so I don't feel good holding back the snacks. But our interchanges regarding food are often unpleasant, because I choose to fill her with more nutritious fare than she would choose on her own.

She complains, "I'm HUUUUUUNgry."
"I'll make you some cheese toast."
"I don't LIKE cheese toast," she says in a pained voice. (She eats it almost every day.)
"Then you'll just have to wait until dinner." I put a slice of bread with cheese in the toaster oven.
"But I don't LIKE THAT." Pouting whine.
"Okay, don't eat it."
POP. I put it in front of her, and it disappears within thirty seconds. That should hold her, oh, another half hour.


Katie said...

I feel your pain...I do this all day long with Lauren. Hope all is well!

Mary Louisa said...

Katie!! I changed email addresses and then my hard drive got replaced---and I don't have your email anymore! Send to wheelingmaryATgmailDOTcom. We're good. HOpe you are too. :)