Monday, July 04, 2005

Am trying to entertain the wailing baby while the toddler naps and husband plays with the spastic dog in the back yard as the rescue dog tippy toes around his uneaten breakfast in the peepee-soaked-heck-hole that is our family room. Gee, wouldn't this be a good time to update my blog?

We've been trying to watch Requiem for a Dream for the last three days, and every night something different has prevented us. We are borrowing the "Edited Version" from a friend. What this means is unknown to me at the moment. I have actually put off seeing this movie for several years, but feel I'm finally up for the emotional wallop it will surely dole out. Could be we'll watch it tonight.

What else, what else? Well, I continue to let my child watch too much television--DVDs really. I let him watch his Thomas the Tank Engine DVD twice this morning. And it is a given that he will watch it a couple more times this afternoon. If I can just keep telling myself, "It's like reading a book," then I will start to feel better. Some days, he doesn't watch anything, but those days are scarcer and scarcer. His other favorite is "The Letter Factory," a LeapFrog video that teaches basic (and I mean basic) phonics. N already knows his letters, but he has since learned the sounds they make from watching the video. He calls this DVD "Frogs," since the frog family are the main characters. Except he can't say "frogs," so he says "fock." Which raises a few eyebrows.

Husband is back inside, ready to take over AC, so I can get back to my manuscript. :) That is probably the only emoticon you will ever see on my blog which just goes to show you how giddy I am now.


millennium hippies said...

LOL @ "fock"!!

I am trying to cut back on the TV also. Sometimes we'll go weeks or even months with no t.v. but then when it gets turned back on, it's like a t.v. marathon every day. So I'm trying to cut them down to 1/2 hr. each per day...they're watching Veggie Tales while I read blogs right now. :)

Christa M. Miller said...

I hate that TV is so easy, you know? I don't feel like dealing with sunscreen and bugspray for an hour's worth of outside playtime, so I turn on Sesame Street around the time The Child gets bored.

For me it's not just "at least it's like reading a book" but also "at least I'm watching it *with* him." (Which doesn't always work out if I need to do email. Besides, I can't stand Elmo.) Yikes...

allison said...

i just found your site and i wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying reading your thoughts here. what a great site! thanks for sharing.

Mary Louisa said...

mh: I'm so impressed that the t.v. goes off for so long chez vous. Teach me, please!

Christa: we do Sesame Street occasionally, but the times it is on (we get it on two PBS channels, back to back) aren't the times I need it, mostly. You are such a good mommy to watch it *with* your boy. I used to do that, back when I was new at this. LOL

thanks so much for the compliment! That means a lot to me.