Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Freak is Ten

D's brother G took this shot of my dog R, who turned ten in June. He had two premolars pulled last week, so you see quite a gap between those canines and the molars. And yet, chew he must. He almost had a canine pulled, but I talked the doc into doing something called a "root plane," if I remember correctly. He and W, his fellow IG, had their teeth cleaned last week, and to compound the insults had a couple of shots and blood tests, too. I walked out of the vet's office $805 poorer. People, don't buy pets if you are strapped for cash. And if you already have a pet, but no money, don't get another pet!! W's five-foot dive cost us $3600 the year N was born. He broke his front leg in several places and now sports a metal plate and screws (internal, of course).


allison said...

poor adorable dog!

Mary Louisa said...

Allison, yeah, we babied him for a day or two, but once we saw he was back to his old thieving destructive self, we knew he was fine. LOL