Monday, January 16, 2006

Professor AC

I've been bumming on this question, lately: Why. Does. It. Take. So. Long. To. Feed. My. Daughter. Her. Tiny. Little. Meals. Of. Peas. And. Cut. Peaches. And. Rice?

Today, I digested the lesson. In the course of my day, NOTHING is more important than to be here for my children. So I'm in a hurry. Big deal. What's the emergency? I might get behind on my blog reading?

This stage will pass, to be replaced by another one, equally important to AC, and therefore, to me. Instead of trying to rush her through for my sake, I'm going to breathe us through for both our sakes.

Sometimes I just need to be driven round the see where I am. And she's just the guide to do it. By. Gumming. Her. Bits. Of. Soft. Food. Very. Very. Slowly.


shannon said...

I.understand.the.slow.eating. It's.very.frustrating.
But this phase will be replaced with yet another phase that will drive me crazy. Can't wait for that screaming phase!!

Erik Ivan James said...

Enjoy these moments. Soon they'll be gone forever. In the interim, use the time to let your excellent mind write the next scene.

Stephanie said...

I know how you feel. I have one that is picky and right now will only eat liversausage and cheese. Is she from Wisconsin or what?!? I read a book while we eat. Or I eat while she eats. Or I watch J make faces at mommy and think how I would like another one and then I think that I am crazy.

Jeff said...

I have three children, 23, 20, and 14. A girl and two boys. The two older one's are in college, my daughter (23) graduates in May of this year. It doesn't seem that long ago that she was a little girl sitting in my lap while I fed her ice cream or pudding. They grow up so quickly. Watching and taking part in each stage of their development is a unique experience. Sometimes challenging, but always worth it. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Shannon, AC is already into the "got to stand up in the high chair" phase. It is an offshoot from the "got to stand up while nursing" phase. LOVED that one. It still surfaces from time to time. She is a booger.

EIJ, I would like to see how well that works. Thanks for reminding me of that option.

Stephanie, they are awful cute. Then you lean in and smile at them real big, and they blow their food all over your face. AC got some yogurt on my contact and it took two days before I felt like it was clean.

Jeff, your post brought a tear to my eye. I cannot begin to imagine what my boy and my girl will be like in twenty years, or even ten. I just know I will miss who they used to be as much as I enjoy who they become. I complain a lot, but I do really love parenting my kids.

Anonymous said...

ML - My girl sits through all three shifts of her friends lunches at daycare. She takes THAT long. I think it's hilarious. BUt she can self feed, so I can do other things! - Lindsey

Mary Louisa said...

Linds, D and I are slow eaters, so I'm all about a leisurely groove, but THREE lunch shifts!? ha!

My A can self-feed to a certain extent, but unless it's nearly bath-time, I usually do most of it myself.

EMRusso said...

ahhhhhhhh, i can so relate. it's the bi-polarity of parenting: each stage is simultaneously so precious you don't want it to pass and so aggravating you can't wait to move on.

it's excriciating, i tell you.