Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anne Frasier Has Another Winner on the Way

I won a contest at Anne Frasier's blog recently, and just received the most incredible prize in the mail. It was the video book trailer DVD for her upcoming novel, PALE IMMORTAL. The book will be out in September, and I plan to buy up a copy as soon as it's available. You should too! Meanwhile, have a look at the video HERE. Also in the package was the self-titled debut CD by The Chambermaids, who provided the soundtrack for the PALE IMMORTAL video. Her two kids are in the band, and her daughter directed the PI video. Talented family!

While you wait for PALE IMMORTAL's release, have a look at Anne's other books.


jason evans said...

I encourage everyone to buy Before I Wake by Ms. Frasier in the meantime. (Check out my Amazon review if you need a synopsis). You won't be disappointed!

anne frasier said...

that's so sweet of you, mary louisa!
i'm glad you liked the dvd. :) those are my feet slogging through the woods. i always have to tell everybody that. hehe.

and jason -- thanks to you too. :) the amazon ranking for before i wake has definitely improved with your review.

Jeff said...

The Pale Immortal video is well made and the music fits perfectly.
All four of Anne's suspense novels to date (Hush, Sleep Tight, Play Dead, and Before I Wake) are good reads. I'm looking forward to Pale Immortal. :)