Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogus Interruptus

Sorry I've been scarce. Ye olde washboard and mangle have been overworked dealing with the side effects of the family yakfest. D and AC are on day three and are still poorly, but N and I are so far glurge-free. Saints presarve us.

The bionic dog's newly re-routed knee-cap groove is healing nicely. Thursday's surgery added one more piece of metal to his already magnetic anatomy--the newest pin holds a piece of bone that had to be moved.

My parents arrive for a visit tomorrow night, and AC's first birthday is Sunday. Party that afternoon. The ILs arrive the following week. Can you say, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?

In the interest of getting more shit done around here, I'll let Tess Gerritsen do my blogging for me. Today she's written a damn fascinating entry on how she arrived at her latest novel's title. I agree that THE MEPHISTO CLUB is a great title, and the novel sounds like a fun ride.


jason evans said...

Ah, the joys of reverse peristalsis.

Glad to hear the family is feeling better!

Angela said...

Glad you and N have escaped the nastiness of it all. I hope AC and D are recovered and feeling like themselves soon! HAPPY 1st Birthday AC!