Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm back, but not for long

We returned from vacation Sunday night and I just haven't stopped running since. R fell ill the same day we got him and W back from the boarding kennel (Monday), and that has been a bit consuming, as has the visit of a very special friend and her family who stopped over last night. So, now, I'm going to make a quick update and then get the heck out of internet land for a little longer until I can create a little more peace around here. And there's still the looming mountain of laundry to be dealt with.

The week in Jekyll Island was a dream, considering I was sick as a dog when we left the house for our two-day drive down. I was functioning again by about the second day at the beach, and a grand week it was.

The kids enjoyed everything, I mean everything about the vacation. N even decided it would be a hoot to use the potty all the time. All kinds of potties (even tried a public urinal once), and all kinds of positions. I witnessed his first stand-up pee, and he's still keen for that even now that we're home. He stayed dry nearly the whole time except upon wake up. We won't talk about his desire to poop only in his pullup, though. Babysteps, right?

A was her usual daredevil monkeygirl self, hurtling her 23 pound frame headlong into the waves before anyone could catch her. She spent a great deal of time climbing onto and off of the chairs around the house, and continues that new hobby here at home. Last night, she went head first off the couch during one of her acrobatic routines. Miraculously, her skull landed on N's thigh before she hit the wood floor.

D and I had some couples time, thanks to my folks and my sister's family, who agreed to pitch in with some babysitting. We rode horses on the beach one night at sunset, and enjoyed a nice seafood dinner at SeaJay's followed by an oceanfront stroll another. D's parents drove up from FLA to stay overnight one night and visit with us and the grandbabies.

We were severely limited in our contact with the outside world. This, I loved. In fact, I am pining for it now. I really don't have much motivation or desire to be as "plugged in" as I was before we left, so for now, I won't be so active on my own blog, or reading and commenting on others. It's not that I don't love ya, but my heart is somewhere else right now, somewhere closer to home.

So keep on doing whatcha do best, friends, and I'll be thinking about you all until we meet again.

The laundry calls...

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Katie said...

So glad you had a great time!! Hope to get together soon.**Katie