Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

We aren't flooded yet, but it may just be a matter of time. The humidity is getting to me as much as the constant rain. Our house smells like we've been baking--but nothing you'd want to eat. More like a casserole of smelly sneakers, dog illnesses, and soiled diapers. Can't open the windows, don't want to crank the AC to 65 degrees to drive out some of the funk. We'll just avoid having guests for a while.

Not a great day today. Come to find out at a dr's appt that my 15mo daughter is not the strapping 23 pounds I assumed. She isn't even 22. She's somewhere in the 30th percentile for weight, and close to 95th for height. She saw the surgeon today to recheck her umbilical hernia and to see about a lump behind her ear. Those look fine for now, but the doc noted she was a little skinny. AC's 15m checkup at the pediatrician is a week from Thursday, so we will have a talk then about how in the world to get this kid to eat more. For lunch today, all I could get in her were two bites of almond butter and jelly sandwich, three bites of pizza crust, and about five sips of whole milk.

And I came home to two piles of diarrhea from W, my NON-hemorraghic gastroenteritis-victim-dog (that was R a couple weeks ago). It's moments like that that make me not want to have our family room recarpeted or refloored at all. Why not let the dogs keep being sick on the rust shag carpet from 1978 until we eventually move? Yes it is hideous. Yes it stinks, especially on damp days. But if we keep it steam cleaned regularly, maybe we can tough it out. These eleven-year-old dogs can't live forever nor will we be in this house much longer, right?

AC and I are going to try to visit a few furniture stores this afternoon before we pick up N from daycare. We are moving him into the guest room and will need at least one kid friendly dresser and a few safe lamps for him. I'm wondering if we need to clean and rebind the fraying Oriental rug that is in there, since he is all for pulling at loose strings around the edges of things. I'm sure that will set us back a few hundred at least.

I could continue a sort of update on all things me that have transpired since my last post, but it probably bore you and surely depress you. I'm just full of sunshine today, aren't I? What I need to do is get off the intarweb, put my contacts on, grab AC, and look at more furniture. I'm outie.


Christa M. Miller said...

I should've checked your blog before I emailed you. I'm sorry you're having such a rough day/week. Turn on the a/c for at least a little while - preserve your sanity.

And don't worry about AC's weight. Hamlet wasn't even on the weight charts between years 1-2. Dang dairy intolerance, we had no healthy way to get fat into him. He's still only 10th percentile now. What matters more is her development: is she happy? Walking/moving as she should? Those are the signs I've always paid more attention to in Hamlet, who was only 50th percentile in his first 6 months of life (ironically, the time he had exclusive breastmilk).

Hugs to you sweetie! Try to stay dry!

anne frasier said...

the weather isn't helping one damn bit.

big hug ((((((mary louisa)))))))

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks for the hugs, gals. Things are running a little more smoothly now. *knock wood*