Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where has the thyme gone?

Why, I transplanted it from garden bed to pot, along with some parsley, a fairly large rosemary shrub, and my oregano. We harvested all the carrots (promptly ate them in two days), and then I broke down my three raised beds behind the patio. After raking out the dirt, I planted some Turf Alive!®, raked a little more, and mulched with straw. Now what we have is a big mess of wet straw. But if you look very closely, you can see wee blades of grass--and some very healthy wild onion shoots--testing the air. It was the perfect project for this stretch of perfect weather, just the sort of feeling in the air that convinces you that your favorite season is now fall.

Which is why it's so hard to report that I'm ticked off today. Christiana Hospital, where my two children were born, has the largest, most comprehensive maternity ward in the state. And, according to a letter to the editor I read yesterday (and I called the hospital to confirm), THEY HAVE STARTED CHARGING $15 A POP TO CHECK YOUR CHILD SAFETY SEATS. I had N's seat checked weeks before he was born, then I had his rechecked along with A's right before she was born. Free. Free free free. Just schedule on their available days and times, and, well, free. Keeps kids alive, you know. Was staffed by volunteers, you know. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? If this new (and PROHIBITIVELY high) charge prevents a child from surviving a crash, I may have a breakdown.

And another thing, but not so important. Why does Disney insist on putting inappropriate video advertisements before KIDS' videos like Rolie Polie Olie? The preview I am speaking of is forDisney's House of Villains. YES, thank you, I want my 3yo and 18mo to watch Cruella scream, Meleficent boil, and whatever-the-hell-that-underwater-witch's-name-is turn into a fire-breathing demon. The freakin videotape is for preschoolers, for Jebus sake! Why scare the shit out of them before they've even gotten to the "feature"?

I'm now off my rant stump.

A note: I started a new blog at vox.com. Like I need that time sucker. I'm going to do all my writing about topics gustatory at--how originally titled, you will say--Eat and Drink. Hope you can pop in. And if you want an invite to make a vox blog, let me know. I think I have some to give away. I can't figure out a way to put in a hit tracker, so if you visit, please comment! I'd love to know who shows up.


Stephanie said...

First of all - Disney is evil. Why they do this I will have no idea? I saw this, too, sometime this past weekend and thought nothing of it. But J now associates McDonald's and that darn commercial with them running with the Wiggles. Yes, it causes a great uproar in our house every.time.it.is.on. Poor kid thinks Wake Up Jeff is coming on.

Are you planning on writing the hospital? What a great way to deterr those who NEED to be checked from getting their seats checked.

And BTW - nice haircut. Love it. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Steph, thanks for the hair compliment. I'm afraid my inadvertant transformation into soccer mom is almost complete. How's that minivan working for ya? ;)

I don't think I'll write the hospital, but I may write a letter to the editor to second what the first writer said.

Stephanie said...

LOL @ the Soccer mom comment. You are so there. The minivan - love it - although my hubby is really into searching the Honda website to find cool things to "pimp my ride." Yes, I will have the coolest minivan on the block. :)

Does the police station do free checks in your area? That just stinks. Hope it gets figured out and back to being free.