Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Am Indeed Still Alive, Just Buried in Plastic

Just a short post as I'm entertaining a houseguest and supervising some coloring:

Have you ever tasted the beverage that sits in your kid's little plastic tumbler? Even after a few minutes, it reeks of chemical taint. If a sip makes me nauseated, it can't be good for their little systems. Plastics scare me, especially as they constitute so much of my children's lives. My squirts are too young to use glass, so steel it shall be. I'm on a search now for GSI Outdoors "Glacier" Stainless Steel cups (10oz). I can find them online for $5.95, but I'm going to see if a local outdoor outfitter might have them on the shelf. By the way, sells lovely 12oz stainless steel bottles with sippy lids (the only plastic part in the whole set-up) for those who have kids still in the sippy stage.

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