Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, I have a blog?

Dang. I totally forgot this thing was here.

Did you know there is a Very Large Telescope in Chile, and that it is called The Very Large Telescope? Who says astronomers don't have a sense of humor? I don't want to go all 'Fessor Frink on you, but it is actually a telescope array. Whatever the hell that means.

I am rather addicted to these things:
Herr's Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks
As snack foods go, they could be a LOT worse.

Here is a little bedtime convo my daughter and I had the other night as she was losing brain cells to the sandman:
AC: I have a boo-boo.
Me: Where?
AC: On my heart. [pulling up her pajama sleeve] Can you kiss my boo-boo?
Me: What is wrong with your heart?
AC: I think I breaked it. [exposing her elbow and pointing to it]
Me: Isn't that your elbow?
AC: I think I breaked that too.

My son is into representing the planets according to their relative sizes. He is getting better and better at it. Here's a picture from about four months ago:

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