Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is there any way to help in Myanmar?

I know I'm not the only one puzzling this out. I read today that U.S. Navy ships full of provisions are leaving the coast of Myanmar tomorrow (Thursday), after having been shut out for three weeks.

This page at USAID gives a chronological overview of relief efforts and response by the Government of Burma. Things do not look positive for further relief delivery.

We have not donated to an agency specifically for Cyclone Nargis relief because I have been waiting and watching to see which could best use our money. But now I am more discouraged than ever. I know any gift to the major relief agencies will be used to help people somewhere, but I felt I needed to give to this particular area since the devestation was so enormously felt.

Has anyone worked out a giving solution for Myanmar that they would feel comfortable sharing?


Jen said...

Hi ML,
I would give through this organization:
In fact I owe my life as a Canadian to them because they managed to get my grandparents out of Russia during the second world war. Otherwise they'd have been sent to Siberia or killed.

Danette said...

This is a sad day when you let your own country folk die, because you are, for no other reason...prideful.

When the tsunami went through, our home schooling group had a garage sale and donated all proceeds to UNICEF.

I just do not understand that kind of mentality.

Mary Louisa said...

Jen, so nice to see you! Incredible story of your grandparents escape. I have looked at the web site already. Thanks for the info.

Danette, it is a rotten, rotten shame. UNICEF is a good group, I think.

I've visited the UN's World Food Programme site, and am now wondering if that's where I want to donate, because they are also addressing the worldwide food shortages that I blogged about a few months ago (and Jen, you responded to that too!).

Will let you all know.