Friday, May 30, 2008

Back to Usual

Well, I threw in the towel yesterday. I couldn't take the mental stresses of not eating gluten and dairy! I am keeping our diet very low in both. N's behavior was not wonderful when we started the diet, but that may be attributed to the end of preschool and beginning of a long summer. He is not very good with milestone transitions.

I learned quite a bit about the science of baking, alternate grains, health and nutrition, and psychology as we prepared for and undertook the experiment. It is not all for a loss.

On an interesting note: D did not have the crabbiness that the rest of us had. In fact, over the six days of the strict elimination diet, he said he woke up every morning feeling more rested than he had in years. That is something for us to ponder.


Danette said...

You can try diluting your wheat flour with some bean, rice or oat flour. That may help lessen thee amount of gluten in your breads. Oh, and there is potatoe flour.

I made that once, but it was quite heavy. Good for sopping up stew or soup. Hope this helps.

Mary Louisa said...

Danette, thanks so much for the recommendation. I have plenty of other flours in the house. I'll see how it works to cut the wheat in our sandwich bread.