Sunday, May 25, 2008

Elimination Diet, Day 2

I was tired today. It could have something to do with getting up in the middle of the night for one of the kids, or waking up early with the whywonttheyshutthehellup? birds celebrating the beautiful morning. Or the 30 minute power walk. Or the monthly loss of blood. Okay, it could be the diet. Jury's out.

teff muffin
oatmeal and maple syrup
rice milk for the kids

oatmeal cookies

stir fry of garlic, shredded chicken, and green beans over rice noodles
leftover black beans
leftover red cabbage
celery sticks

"lemony" popsicles (simple syrup w/citric acid, diluted and frozen in popsicle molds)

lentils (w/garlic and celery) over millet
brussels sprouts which we could not eat because they were covered in brown spots. bleah.

N is still batting at his itchy ears and his scalp is still red. He tells me the new diet is not working. I tell him we have two weeks to wait. AC is ornery as hell. I think she's catching a cold. This food is not foreign to her and she's usually my omnivore. But she is all of a sudden picky. Her nose is running, though. Again, jury's out.

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