Monday, May 19, 2008

Environmentally, Personally Safe Products

So, in getting ready for the elimination diet, I'm also replacing our personal care products with ones having fewer harmful ingredients. I've started using the Crystal deodorant, and the kids have already switched to California Baby Super-Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash. (Our Target carries it for $1 less per bottle than the manufacturer's web site.) I'll switch Saturday morning. Saturday is D-Day.

I guess we'll all start using baking soda as our toothpaste. D and N already use a toothpaste that has no sodium lauryl sulfate (they are both troubled by apthous ulcers--sores in the mouth--and this ingredient may exacerbate them). Their current toothpaste, Trader Joe's brand, is very pasty and low foam, so I'm hoping a baking soda and water paste won't throw them too much. AC will hate it, I know that.

Still wondering what to use as a moisturizer and D's shaving cream. Will report back on that later.

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