Monday, May 26, 2008

Elimination Diet, Day 3

N's scalp still red, but he seems to be itching/scratching his face and head less. Me? I'm crabbier than hell and tired to boot.

buckwheat pancakes (REALLY successful FAILSAFE, GF, CF recipe I will post tomorrow)
rice milk for kids

oatmeal and maple syrup
raw cashews

celery sticks and rice cakes with hummus dip (NO lemon juice or tahini, instead, a dash of citric acid; rice bran oil for olive)
leftover pancakes
oatmeal cookies

leftover lentils and millet from last night

scrambled eggs and kettle chips for the kids
omelette with diced sauteed potatoes and scallions for grown folk
green beans
iceberg lettuce with oil, dash of citric acid, garlic powder and salt

By the way, the kids were all over dinner, after balking all day. They had multiple helpings of everything. So we are coming back around I think. I am very lucky that my husband is supportive of all of this. He misses his Extra Sugar-Free Bubble Gum.

I am getting used to brushing my teeth with plain baking soda. It is extremely salty, but somehow I get a kick out of it. Crazy like that.


PT-LawMom said...

The diet actually sounds pretty good. Yum! Hope you start to feel better soon. I think eliminating things from your diet can also affect your mood. Why are you brushing your teeth with baking soda? Is that part of the diet, too?

Mary Louisa said...

The toothpastes have flavorings and ingredients that are not allowed on the elimination diet. In particular, sodium lauryl sulfate is a no-no, as is mint or cinnamon. The SLS make my husband's and son's mouth ulcers worse. They both use Trader Joe's natural toothpaste, which doesn't contain it. I had been using Crest, however. I think, even though I have now ditched the diet, I will continue using the baking soda, or will switch to my husband's tube of TJ's paste.