Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Happening Again

A shoe hasn't called to me in years. The last one I remember was a Gucci bit loafer. I'm afraid the calm has ended, though. I accidentally leafed through the entire September issue of ELLE at the coffeeshop yesterday morning. (Which is all the more troubling because even though I was momentarily horrified, I was ultimately undeterred by the photograph of Jessica "lumberjack of love" Simpson on the cover.)

Yenny-hoo, within the weighty tome I saw advertised these Ferragamo platform sandals . Da-roooooool.

You just don't understand me and a certain kind of shoe. And this is that kind of a shoe. Which I guess makes me that kind of a girl. Cripes, they are FIERCE.

My husband's and my social calendar will afford me approximately, um, ONE place I could wear these in the next six months. Plus, I could go on a lovely vacation for what I imagine they cost (can someone find me a price?). But they continue to haunt me. I wonder what color toenail polish would go best?


Christa M. Miller said...

My heel height limit is 3", so those would about kill me. They are lovely, though!

I am searching for the perfect pair of boots to go with the flare leg jeans I got for $15/pair and the other "yummy mummy" pieces of clothing that go with them. I have found the right style in the wrong color and vice versa, and time is running out for fall!

Exactly when did I become a Shoe Chick???

StormDawg said...

The shoe is not yet in stock at the Salvatore Ferragamo store in NYC. The associate I spoke to ("Salvatore" -- easy to remember!) said to call back around September 25 and they may have it in stock by then. 212-759-3822

Mary Louisa said...

Christa, GL with your boot search. Clothes and shoe shopping is SUCH a time consuming thing! No wonder mummies become not-so-yummy when they have to cede shopping time to kid time. (Not that either of us has ever been much of a shopper.)

Dawg, you rock. My prediction is that one Ferragamo platform sandal would buy two pairs of Gucci loafers. Or a modestly sized HD LCD TV.

Me said...

Red, definately a bright, crisp red. I would fall flat on my face. They are very lovely. I love shoes so much. My abnormally wide feet do not like any pretty or feminine shoes. I am forever stuck in Tevas and Lands End loafers. I live vicarously through those who can.