Monday, August 04, 2008

Saddling Back Up

Oh for goodness sakes, people. You're making me look bad. I don't want to be the doofus who doesn't keep up her blog. For the past two months I've ignored it to concentrate on some other things, mostly addressing a multitude of complaints too tedious to list in their entirity. [Something about that word seems misspelled.]

A very recent occurance can probably educate you on what my life is like at this moment, and I will thus not feel the need to "catch everyone up" on what's going on with us:
Today, I caught dog W peeing on one of my favorite rugs. No, it was not lying on the floor. It was hanging dry in the backyard after I spent two hours cleaning it and another favorite rug yesterday afternoon in the kids' splash pool. A newly cleaned (and dry) rug. Now sodden and stinking.

But, yes, I was [not supposed to be] bending, crouching, swishing, leaning, and lifting wet wool. The labral tear in my right hip socket and that pesky hemoglobin count of 8 can make me unsteady, unstrong, and frequently unstrung. The chore was a labor of love and necessity. No one else was going to wash the rugs. It was time. It kind of hurt.

Don't you know the neighbors heard me yelling at the poor beast, and I SOOOO wanted to spank that little grey behind. But that little behind has seven stitches in it from last week when a cancer tumor was removed from between W's legs. And he had four teeth pulled the same day.

So, there you have it. About 50% of our current trials chez ML.


PT-LawMom said...

Oh no!! :( (((HUGS))) Poor puppy and poor you.

Angela said...

Oh poor dog no wonder he is behaving like that, its so hard to make to the toilet for humans when they aren't well so imagine a little creature like your dog...I empathise with you althought, it is not nice either!
Bless you both!

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks, PTLM and Ang. Waldo is feeling much better now, and I re-washed the ends of both rugs (turns out he was weeing on the other's corner, too).