Monday, April 10, 2006

Member of the Family

My dog needs physical therapy.

Those are five expensive words. And silly words, to many of you.

But when I've needed PT, I've put in the money and the time. When my son needed PT and OT, you can bet your bottom dollar we took him until they told us he could be released. Dear W has been a member of my family for almost ten years, longer than either of my children. If he needs help, we'll get him help. And he will repay us. By picking the winning Powerball numbers this week. Cause we will need about $220 million to pay off his medical bills by the time it is all said and done.

(In short, we took W in for an 8wk post-op visit today: rebuilt knee joint is doing great; leg is not so great--he still isn't using it; needs pain meds; needs PT.)


Angela said...

See if W can come up with some Number for me over here in Ohio as well! I'm not greedy, I'll split it with you! :) Sounds like you've got your hands full. Hope the AC is on the mends! Have you yet to have a moment to write? Hugs From Ohio!

Mary Louisa said...

Angela, I haven't gotten hands back to keyboard on my novel, but I have been doing some reading of other people's writing. Does that count? BTW, W's number picks are TOP SECRET. After we win the millions, though, I'll be selling his numbers for future drawings.