Thursday, April 06, 2006

On the Plus Side

Things are looking a bit better around here. Yes, I have a cold. But at least I am not losing my cookies. Yes, the hail bludgeoned my newly transplated seedlings I brought up under the basement grow light for three weeks. But at least I am not solely reliant on my farm for food or income. Yes, I misunderestimated on D's W4 last year and thus accidently loaned the government enough to buy shitty body armor for our troops. But at least we're getting it back in the next ten or so days. Yes, I haven't really worked on my novel in one month. That's right, one month. But, BUT, BUT, my husband is determined to get home from work by 7pm tonight and put the kids to bed himself, so I can have two hours of uninterrupted writing time. Yes, things are looking up, finally.


Christa M. Miller said...

You are the picture of grace under pressure. A model of how to handle bad situations. I put you on a pedestal.


Mary Louisa said...

um, I think you know me better than that. My blog just caught me in a rare moment of peace. :P