Friday, May 04, 2007

BJ's Report

Minds out of the gutter, people. Notice the apostrophe s on the acronym.

My neighbor gave me a free pass to BJ's warehouse store that turns out to last three months. If I join ($45/yr for the lowest tier), they will take those three months off the total so I'll get nine more months.

I've gone three times now, and I'm still trying to work out whether the benefit is worth $45 to us.

  • More items per box means, typically, less wasteful/harmful packaging. Ex: 5 lbs of sliced American cheese with NO STUPID INDIVIDUAL WRAPPERS for $11.00.
  • There are bargains, but you have to do the math. The following foods there are even cheaper than at Target: Morningstar Farms' veggie burgers (in a 16-pack, and not only are they cheaper, they're also LARGER than the kind in the box!) and Kellogg's Nutrigrain bars (my kids' breakfast of choice).
  • Gas really is cheaper there.

  • It is far away (twenty minutes) and the traffic is stressful, not to mention the gas consumption and emissions.
  • Each time, I end up buying something there that I know is not at its cheapest price, and yet I get it just because it's convenient.
  • We don't have lots of storage space for food.
  • They don't carry too much in the way of natural/organic foods. The only Silk I can find there are the vanilla and chocolate flavors--no plain!
  • I do a pretty good job of shopping the sales in my neighborhood and using coupons on top of the loss leader prices.

I'm still thinking it over; I'll let you know. Meanwhile, YOU let me know how you use warehouse stores, or if you use them at all.


Jess said...

Hey Mary, remember me? I'll give you something to blog about...go to my blog and follow the instructions.You've been tagged. :)

PT-LawMom said...

I buy the no-name brand vanilla soy milk from Costco or Sam's(sorry, can't speak to BJs). I find there are several things there that are more economical, such as ziploc bags, wipes, yogurt (HUGE savings!), salad (if you can eat it all). I like the Kashi frozen meals for work and they typically have a four-pack that brings them to $2.50 each (typically $3+ at WalMart). I definitely find bargains, but you have to know what you could do better with on sale/with coupons and you also have to resist the temptation of buying too much. Easier said than done!