Monday, April 18, 2005


I weigh 153 now, in my nightie first thing in the morning. I've been pretty good over the past four or five days with my food choices, but our babysitter down the street keeps bringing by boxes of pastries every Sunday. She works for a bakery, and they are closed on Mondays, so they send their employees home with the leftover merchandise on Sunday afternoons. I told her yesterday that maybe she'd better come every OTHER Sunday from now on... (I'm too addicted to tell her to stop bringing them altogether.)

I'm still walking daily and doing lots of stairclimbing in the house (laundry room in the basement, bedrooms on top level of split-level home), and my right knee is freakin' shot. Here I am at forty years old, suffering from knee problems that started when I was fifteen. You'd think I would've figured out how to fix those by now. I don't know whether to lay off the walking or not. It's not like I'm a runner or anything. Why does it have to hurt so much? Makes it too easy to avoid exercise at all...

Here it is 2:29pm and I have the rest of the afternoon to fill with keeping kids out of peril and making a run (more like a crawl) to the grocery store for the things I forgot yesterday: pantiliners, Kleenex, and diapers. Gasp! You cry out, "For God's sake, woman, if you're trying to live on a budget, don't buy your paper products at the grocery store! Go to Target/Walmart/BJ's/fill in your own favorite box store here." Here's my answer: "I hate those stores."

Why I hate the box stores and love my local grocery store:
1) Box stores are always out of the specific brand/thing/variety I need.
2) Their prices are rarely better than my grocery store's special, minus whatever doubled coupon I can use there (box stores don't double, far as I know). I only buy paper goods from my grocery when they are on special and/or I have a coupon.
3) Walmart is ten miles from here. My grocery store is one.
4) I get babyclub points at my grocery store and they pay me $20 when I've spent $200 on baby stuff. That's a 10% discount, on top of the special discounts and doubled coupons I already use.
5) Shopping at those box stores can make me buy things I don't need. Best I just stay home.

N is up from his nap and requesting either his bear or the chair, I'm not sure which. Back to my day.

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