Friday, April 29, 2005

Getting Busy

I did some post-partum abdominal exercises yesterday that I got out of an old Fit Pregnancy magazine. Unfortunately, I still have diastasis, or separation of the stomach muscles, so I really can't go whole hog. I'm doing the sitting and standing exercises and will add the floor work when I figure out a splint for my abs or my diastasis gets better. It never improved much in the eleven months after N was born and before I got pregnant with AC. I wonder what will happen if my abs never come back together?

I'm eating fairly well still. Avoiding rolls, eating more fruits and veg, making sure I'm getting plenty of calcium/dairy. However, I've snuck in one or two desserts a day, which isn't helping. Some of the gals I know have joined Weight Watchers for breastfeeding mommas. I wonder what that is like or if I could stay with it. Unfortunately, I'd have to find an even narrower niche: Weight Watchers for vegetarian, breastfeeding, penny-pinching mommas. I don't think they have a program for that beast.

Today I'm going to try a fitness ball routine. I figure if I write it here, then I'll be more apt to do it.

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