Saturday, April 16, 2005

Baby Fat--it's all on meeeeee!

Here it is, mid-April, and I'm one baby richer! N now has a little sis, sweet AC, born four weeks ago today. My kind brother-in-law finds her likeness hauntingly familiar, and sent us this comparison...

AC, phone home!

So, Mommy is keeping two critters happy now (well, four, if you count Rocket and Waldo, which you DEFINITELY SHOULD). I'm breastfeeding AC, as I did N, so I still need to eat more than my usual non-pregnancy diet. But, I'm feeling really unattractive, not to mention that I have no clothes to wear save one pair of size 12 Lands End blue jeans (transition jeans from last pregnancy) and about four baggy tee shirts.

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to drop all my pregnancy weight pronto; I know I need some fat stores to breastfeed and I also know I need to go about this in a leisurely way. But I would like to lose the saggy belly and get some healthy exercise. So, I figured using the blog might help inspire me to stick with my plan. What's my plan, you ask? Well, it is 1) to get some exercise every day. That means, typically, taking the kiddos for a walk around the neighborhood. But I also throw in some pelvic tilts and mini-crunches now and then, and of course, there are the ever popular Kegels. Not helpful for tightening the abs, I know, but you women out there will understand why those internal exercises are necessary. I plan on adding more exercises gradually, particularly ones that target my mid-section. Part 2 of the plan is to eat a healthier diet. So, I'm trying to replace my usual cake/carb/cookie type snacks with a piece of fruit or cheese throughout the day. If I can't do that, then I at least try to go with a bowl of cereal with skim milk.

I've been dedicated to this plan for about three days now, but I never weighed myself before I started, so don't know my starting point. (Not that I particularly want to lose pounds, per se.) Last week I weighed 154. I had gotten up to about 174 right before giving birth, and my usual weight is 138. I also don't know where my measuring tape is, so I haven't taken measurements of those areas I'd like to trim. These are what I'm more interested in, so I'll try to get my stats down in the next few days.

I have so many nice clothes waiting in my closet for me, and I am trying NOT to spend any money for transition clothes this summer. Too, having summer staring me in the face is forcing me to think about banishing the flab (I will want to take the kiddos to the pool next door, I'm sure).

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