Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Measurements, Week 1

Okay, so the title says it all in humiliating, living color. I weigh 153, am 5'9" and the two areas I'm worried about are thus:
waist--32 1/4"
hips--39 1/2"
I measured my waist at the smallest part of my torso, which is an inch above my bellybutton. I measured my hips at the largest part of my bottom, which is actually a little lower than where I usually consider my hips to be, but this is where I want to lose the weight. I guess I did it right...

I've been doing pretty well keeping my diet fairly healthy (remember I'm breastfeeding a one-month old), but have just LOST the energy and motivation to do my walking. The biggest factor bleeding all the fun from the task is my $&*^#@ right knee. It is always in some state of pain. If it isn't aching, it's burning, and if it isn't burning or aching, then it's stabbing. I guess I've got to do something about it if I'm to exercise my way to fitness, no? Barring the walking, I still have a set of exercises I can do with my balance ball, but have I done them? Unh-unh.

I will check in again next Wednesday with weight and measurements, as well as a report of my physical activity over the past week.

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