Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Help Me, I'm Forty.

I am a walking stereotype: turn forty and it all falls apart. Let's make a list of what I need to ask the nurse practitioner about when I see her on June 21:

-arms/hands (probably carpal tunnel syndrome)
-right knee (crapping out for twenty-five years now, but lately in a different way)
-hearing (I keep having to ask D to repeat himself. Is it his deficiency or mine?)
-face (weird bumpy/itchy rash since about a month after AC was born)
-blackouts (anemia? low protein? low blood pressure? blowing too many bubbles in the backyard?)

Can I also get her to do something about my gray hairs and wrinkles?


Christa M. Miller said...

Yikes, then I'm screwed. I just turned 30 and I have three (if not four, sometimes) of those five issues: two bum knees, a husband who mumbles (but he says I do too, so I guess it's all even), and if you can call them blackouts - occasional bouts of not remembering what I just did. Scariest when I am driving and don't remember covering a stretch of road.

CTS - I had this too after giving birth. It went away eventually, and I DO type more than you. I think swimming probably helped.

Mary Louisa said...

Oooooh - a comment! I feel like a school girl clutching a Valentine.

Yep, Christa, you're screwed. Do all husbands mumble? My blackouts are the other type: I get weak and my vision goes gray. It is usually when I change positions, which makes me think it's blood pressure-related. I also have those moments you speak of, when I "come to" and realize I cannot account for where I am, nor can I remember if this is how to get to where I am going. It is scary, but I venture it is related to the varied stresses of being a mother. I'm relieved to hear that your CTS went away. Some days I feel like I'm operating a dead fish on the end of each arm. I doubt these fish will make it to a pool anytime soon, though.