Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Magnetic Boobies

Add this to my June 4 list of aversions:

- Sally Forth

Now that I've gotten rid of some bile, on to my precious toddler. Who knew puzzle pieces could have so many uses? N owns a Melissa & Doug farmhouse magnetic puzzle we got from Part of the time he plays with the puzzle as intended, but other times he takes the little magnets, especially the airplane, and applies them other ways. He loves to sail the airplane through the air and make airplane noises, squealing "zzzhhhhhhh. zzzzhhhhhhh. eeepen! eeepen!" He also likes to carry the pieces downstairs and stick them to our front doors (metal) and our refrigerator. A few days ago I caught him walking on the wood floor with one piece stuck to the bottom of each bare foot: he had created his own tap shoes. And, of course, what fun could be complete without pretending like your puzzle piece is a nursing pad? Yesterday I watched as N very carefully tucked the squirrel magnet inside his one piece pajama, making sure it was right where Mommy puts her nursing pad, patting it once it lay flat. But that wouldn't do, apparently. He then turned it on its edge so that he could have a booby, and then he patted it again, but it collapsed and fell out the bottom of his pajama leg. I have no idea what the teachers think when he does this at daycare.

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