Tuesday, June 07, 2005


For about twenty-five years now I've had this crazy pipe dream of being totally self-sufficient. Well, I've had several crazy pipe dreams, none of which actually involves pipes, but this one is one that has lasted.

Ever since I decided to eat lower on the food chain, encouraged by my discovery in college of both the original Laurel's Kitchen and Diet for a Small Planet, I've aspired to support myself through the simplest, least harmful means. Then there was my romance with The Good Neighbors (called The Good Life in Britain, I believe), that delightful British television series following the exploits of the quirky Goods, a husband (Richard Briers) and wife (Felicity Kendal) who leave the corporate life behind to become the oddball self-sufficient freaks in the midst of their middle class suburban neighborhood. I'd like to be that freak!

So, where are we going to get $10,000 to install solar panels on our roof so we can sell energy to Conectiv? We've gotta run these dadburn computers somehow. Stringin up a clothesline in the backyard could be a first step in my lifestyle change, but board-stiff, pollen-dusted baby clothes don't make me happy. Spoiled, I guess.

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