Sunday, June 12, 2005

Week 6 or something

I've survived week 6 of the babyfat elimination plan. I am doing much better with my eating habits now (she types, as she waits for the babysitter to knock with the biweekly box of pastries). I am also exercising, if only for a few minutes, upon waking and right before going to bed. I start a Thursday-night yoga class June 30. The scale keeps wavering between 151 and 153 every morning, but I perservere. I FEEL better, so I guess that is the best possible result, eh?

My macrobiotic bent and the weekly organic produce has really spurred me to improve our diets, and it is nice being able to freeze our extras every week so that we will have veggies over the fall and winter when the farm subscription stops (mid-October). So far, I've blanched and frozen spinach, collards, kale, and snow peas.

But back to the body. I seem to have developed what I think is carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms. For the past couple of months, I've been waking up at night with sore and tingly arms and hands, and my fingers feel as though they are asleep. It also happens when I'm driving, typing, and nursing AC. Add to this a general arm and hand soreness that is expasperating. It's hard to carry the infant car seat, it's hard to vaccuum, it's hard to slice things, basically, it's hard to do anything with my hands and arms. For the longest time, I discounted carpal tunnel syndrome as the culprit, because I thought it was synonymous with repetitive motion disease, or whatever it's called when you do too much of the same movement with your hands and wrists. But when I researched CTS on the internet, I found that my symptoms were classic. And when I saw that it can be caused by water retention due to hormonal changes, I figured that's what I was dealing with. (I don't do that much typing, so I don't think it's occupational.) So, it's off to the doctor--nurse practitioner, actually--for me, June 21. I'm hoping splints and cold packs will be the cure.

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