Sunday, February 12, 2006

And a Fun Time Was Had by All

The foot of snow we got really bummed the dogs out (the taller is 17" at the shoulder), but the rest of the family enjoyed the heck out of it today.

Even though AC started walking last month, there was no way she could even take a step in this stuff. So we pulled her around in her little purple sled. D pulled N around in the bigger red one. N fell out on several occasions. He told me tonight, "I had trouble three times."


Jeff said...

awwww Those pictures are adorable. :)

Tribe said...

Cute pics...but y'all can keep that snow away from the Midwest!

Erik Ivan James said...

Yes, adorable pictures. I agree with Tribe, you got it instead of us here in northern Mich. How long will the east coast be shut down?

anne frasier said...

oooh! how cute!!! i can't quit smiling!!
thanks for sharing, mary L. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks, guys! I'm kinda partial to the critters.

EIJ, I think everyone is digging out pretty well. NY, Conn, and Mass were pretty hard hit, but the storm coming through on Sunday really helped them get cleared out in a hurry.

Anne, I LOVE your new South Park avatar. LOL

jason evans said...

We east coasters had an interesting weekend! Up in Chester County, Pennsylvania, we got 17 inches, just enough to swallow the "alien."

Looks like a great day in the snow! My 4 year old was basically immobile in it.

Stephanie said...

Cute! Fun was had by all. We have been lacking in the snow dept. and know we will get the end of March/April/May gigantic snow fall. It happens every year.

Dy said...

Awww... Sweet pix.

I miss snow.

Mary Louisa said...

Jason--I'm glad we didn't get as much as you guys. *I* would've been immobile. ;)

Steph, I guess you've got it coming, after a pretty dry winter, huh?

Dy, I assume you're a northerner? I'm from the South originally, and had been hating Delaware winters--until this one! It's been so mild.