Friday, February 17, 2006

Good Health Is Overrated

Or so I'm trying to convince myself as my left eye weeps from behind my spectacles. Yes, I have pinkeye for the forty-leventh time since my older kid first brought it home from his daycare two years ago. I guess it's the viral world's revenge for my almost four decades of eyeballs so clean you could eat off them. Now every time I blink I pick up another goddam parasite. (I've even gotten two new pairs of contacts since the first visitation. And I don't wear the cheap kind, either.)

So the eye pain and redness just popped up about three hours ago. If I'd had an inkling this morning when I was having my hip and knee examined at the doctor's, I could've gotten her opinion on the infection too. So, yeah, on that note, I'm going in for an MRI on Wednesday to find out why a) when I go down the stairs or kneel, some invisible lunatic stabs my right knee with his or her invisible icepick, and b) when I stand up from a sitting position, whatever attaches my right thigh to my right hip decides not to support me without a massive fight lasting about one minute.



anne frasier said...

sounds like you and i might have the same right knee. i had an MRI this summer that showed some problems like arthritis and fluid polyps (sp?), but nothing i could do anything about. arggghhh. i have found out it helps to wear really flat shoes and not go down steps. i can go up, but not down. :D

Jeff said...

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your eye and knee. I hope your eye clears quickly and the MRI of your knee is negative. :)

jason evans said...

Ack. You've definitely had more than your share.

That's it! No more.

Get well.

Mary Louisa said...

Thanks for the good thoughts, friends. Eye is somewhat better, leg joints somewhat functional.

anne frasier said...

i started taking liquid glucosomine chondroitin about 6 weeks ago and see an improvement. could be the flat shoes i started at the same time, but i'm pulling for the glucosomine.