Thursday, February 16, 2006

Return to the Land of the Living

The stomach virus got me. Or was it food poisoning? Does anyone know how to tell the difference (without going into TOO much detail)? At this point I'm living mostly on grits, oatmeal, cheese toast, and decaf. A little apple juice.

Happily, I'm lucid enough to get back to revising the novel draft. I've gotten some wonderful feedback on chapter one already (thanks Christa and Annette), and will try to incorporate some of that soon. However, I'm thick into chapter two revisions at the moment, and my mind is on my older secondary character rather than my sleuth. It's hard to flip back and forth, I find.

I will try to get back to some internet reading soon. I miss my bulletin board buddies and my blog friends!


Christa M. Miller said...

And we miss you too! In fact I just emailed you. :) I have the same trouble switching gears. In fact, for the third draft of the novel I just subbed, I broke it into thirds and focused on one character at a time. Once I got their plotlines straight, I put it all back together. (You know what I mean. ;))

Good to see you back!

emeraldcite said...

Stomach flu (although it's really not the flu) goes away after a day or two, but involves some discomfort and painful liquid coming out one or both ends.

Food poisoning is very, very painful. I once was very sick. It came in waves on a regular basis. It was the worst pain I have ever felt and I have a pretty high pain threshold. It had me bent over and wishing I was dead.

Which one did you have?