Sunday, August 28, 2005

And the weekend winds down I'll make a few updates. The parents were here again this weekend and sent D and me out to eat at Harry's Seafood Grill, one of my two faves in Wilmington (the other being Moro), while they kept the kiddos. We split the fish taco appetizers, and I had the grilled salmon entree, on a bed of beet carpaccio, horseradish mashed potatoes and arugula pesto. Yes yes yes yes yes. I had a few bites of D's strawberry shortcake (cakes had poppy seeds and walnuts in them and cream had grand marnier or some citrusy liqueur). More yes. My parents are such wonderful, giving people. They cleaned the dirty kitchen floor for us, and they also dismantled and washed a sofa cushion that W had thrown up on. We thought we were going to have to purchase new foam and fiberfill, but my parents were able to salvage it for us by rolling up their sleeves and just washing. And we never ask them to do this stuff. It's as though they have special "need" detectors when they get here that guide them to the things that need to be fixed, and then they fix them. They really are special people. And the kids absolutely love them. Me too, by the way.

What else? I'm still trying to keep an eye on my diet, but with the loads of organic veggies we get every week, it's easy to keep it healthy in the main. I just put up about twenty tomatoes yesterday. There's still a watermelon, a spaghetti squash, an eggplant, some edamame, and some peppers left from last Wednesday's box to be eaten before this Wednesday rolls around. I think it'll be eggplant lasagne tomorrow. I made a key lime pie yesterday with some key limes my mother-in-law sent up from FLA. Just enjoyed a piece moments ago. And so there's the rub about the healthy eating. Parents. My parents brought three huge candybars with them, and I bought some bakery cookies and made the pie to provide yummies for them while they were here. So now, we just have this bad stuff around that neither of us needs to be eating. I guess I can freeze the two remaining candybars and we can finish the portion of the first. And the cookies, maybe freeze them too? The pie, of course, we will eat willingly to the point of licking the pan. I'm not joking. Almost.

First playdate tomorrow with some new mommies. I've been meeting with R and her 18mo for about seven months now, and recently the MOMS club we're in has added three new mommies and their charges to our little group. It just so happens that two of the new mommies are the new president and vice president of the MOMS club, so we'll see what that's all about tomorrow! I'm sure they're all fine gals. Just so their kids aren't smarter'n mine. I know, I know, silly me--how ever could that be?

AC has just fallen asleep, against all odds, because so has N! D is at work, and I'm alone with the whiny dogs. So, it's prime writing time, my friends. A bientot! (If I knew how to put the diacritical marks in, I would.)

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