Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hot enough fer ya?

Gawl-dobby-doobins it's hot! How many more days of 95-degree SUN can I stand? NOT MANY.

I hate that I haven't kept up on the blog, but you know my excuse: the heat. It's also the reason I'm not exercising, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.; you name it, I ain't doin it cause I have a handy excuse now. What I AM doing is reading blogs. I find at least two more every day that I have to add to my bloglines subscription list. Yep, I'm sitting very still, eating popsicles and reading lots of blogs (mostly about writing/publishing) and I'm also avoiding unnecessary movement by dreaming of being a writer. Because it's too hot to actually write, you know. Really, though, I am getting some writing and planning done, but the houseguest situation always slows down the wheels. Or brings them to a screeching halt. D's younger brother arrives tomorrow night for the weekend. I'm going to try to send D and his brother out with N to the art museum on Sunday so I can at least get a few hours of alone time, if not writing time (if AC cooperates). Funny thought occurs to me: Will people who see the three of them together think N has two daddies?

On a positive note, I am now pretty consistently at 150, which means I've lost about four pounds over the last two months. Or sweated it all off in the last two weeks. Whatever. Works for me.

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Ryan said...

How about adding me to your list? I'm screaming for attention!