Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday Anomaly

Saturday is my internet-free day, but I couldn't let another day slip by with that stupid Demi-Ashton post at the top of my blog. Ugh. So, here's a recap of the crazy last few days.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware has screwed up again, and it will take probably...oh...a year to straighten things out, if the past is any indication.

I thought W broke (again) his $3600 bionic leg. Emergency trip to the vet with screaming, hungry 5mo girl in tow. All was okay, probably a sprained toe. Ended up picking the boy up from daycare (goes on a T-Th schedule) rather late due to the ruckus.

NEW CLOTHES!!! I now have some fashionable jeans in a size 10, although I need a belt to prevent the gape in the back that you ladies know about. (Okay, I'll bet you MEN know about that too.) I have two cute tee shirts in brown and black. I also have a new camel blazer for this fall.

My children nearly drove me over the edge today. Not only did AC scream and cry after five minutes of ANYthing I tried to make her happy, N decided that the baby gate at the top of the upper stairs was just perfect for climbing on and hanging off of backwards. Visions of another emergency trip to the vet who is very nice and is much closer than the people hospital. And we had a kick to the face (N to AC's) that was a couple inches shy of connecting. That was fun.

And now, without further ado, I will get off the internet for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that Ashton and Demi are on their way down, down, down...

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Dima said...


Since you already kind of implementing it, I think you may an idea i am trying to promote as of a couple of days ago. I call it a Commfree Day and the idea is to have one day a month without any media and information technologies. I blogged about it in more detail and you are mostly welcome to take a look, let me know what you think, join in, and spread the word if interested.

Thank you!