Monday, August 22, 2005

Crush on Kohl's

I am not a shopper. Especially for clothes. Except sometimes on the internet. Then I can try them on here at home and send them back (or, in the case of Lands' End, drive them to Sears and return them). Imagine my surprise then, to discover yesterday that I had been to Kohl's and bought stuff three days out of the past four. And I will go again before it's all over. My new jeans and blazer from Lands' End that arrived last week set this all into motion. You see, when a woman goes down a size and gets a new pair of nice jeans, she needs something to wear with them!

Part of the draw was a magical coupon in last week's mail giving me 30% off EVERYTHING at Kohl's when I use my store card. Even the make-up, even the sale stuff, even the clearance stuff.

Thursday was charge customer preview day. I bought two shirts, an Arrow tie for D, a 3-pk of Jockey panties, a 3-pk of Reebok footies, and a pair of earrings. This cost about $45 with all the sale prices and the discount. I tried on a million bras, but none were right.

Saturday I went back to return the earrings and bought another shirt and a belt. About $12.

Sunday (yesterday), I got another pair of earrings, some nail polish, and finally found a Warner's bra that fit and that was appropriate for the shirts I wanted to wear it with. Can I tell you how thrilled I am to have a new bra that does not have flaps? I'm still nursing AC, but now for a few hours every once in a while, I can pretend that I am in control of my boobs. This purchase was $25.

Since I haven't even hit $100 yet, I believe I will go again tonight or tomorrow and look at shoes...maybe some fall clothes for little N. D is going to go at some point to get a pair of dress slacks. Get your shop on--sale ends Tuesday!!

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