Monday, November 21, 2005


So, there's apparently been this HIT SHOW on for a few years now, called Law and Order, and since I am a) philosophically against hour-long dramas, and b) not watching television now at all, I have never seen it. Oh, I've caught a few seconds of big Chris Noth and sassy Jerry Orbach (RIP) through the years, surfing by in search of something fluffier, and I even paused one night to see if Noth could captivate me the way he had on Sex and the City, but, meh, not so much.

And all the mystery community is like--if you want to see good detective work on t.v., watch the first half of L&O. It's tight!

Cut to the chase: two Saturdays ago husband looks up NBC's Law & Order web site to get me the day and time. He tells me, "Sundays, 9/8c." Duly noted. Sunday we get everything out of the way, kids abed, etc. Sit down at the television (guess what room it's in? Yup: "peepee soaked heck-hole" family room--and two bits to the person who can ID the source of that quotation). And instead of promised program we are greeted with some Saturday Night Live Fiascos From The 80s special. Talk about making a special out of NOTHING! But I digress. Where is Law & Order???? D pulls up the same web page for me, and yes, it says Sundays, 9/8c. That just RANKLES me.

So, I go to to see if there are reruns of L&O until the next Sunday (which was two days ago). But no, NO L&O until Sunday the 27th! How can they make me wait on such an apparently popular show!!?? At this point in my story, if you are a sentient American of the twenty-first century, which obviously I am not, you will have been SHOUTING at the bloody monitor, MARY LOUISA, YOU ARE JUST TALKING ABOUT L&O:CI! THERE IS ALSO L&O:SVU AND EVEN L&O:PLAIN OLE-PLAIN OLE. IT IS ON NBC EVERY NIGHT OF THE FRIGGIN WEEK AND EVEN SOME CABLE CHANNELS, YOU PREHISTORIC LUDDITE!! JUST TURN ON THE TV AND IT WILL BE ON SOMEWHERE.

Well, okay, now I know. I'll be sure to tell you what I think.


Lynsloo said...

I actually was shouting "Turn on TNT! It's ALWAYS on TNT, ML!!" Then I saw your bold print. And laughed!

Mary Louisa said...

Linds, you will laugh again when I tell you that we only get enough cable to get the internet, and it doesn't include TNT (or CNN or MTV). Or will you cry?

Christa M. Miller said...

It's not L&O: Plain Ole Plain Ole. It's L&O: The Mothership. If you are going to be a fan then you must get these things right.

I also recommend Without a Trace on Thursday nights. Not only is Enrique Murciano hot, but the writing is tight, the missing-persons outcomes not certain, and the characterizations pretty darn consistent. Better than L&O does too.

If, however, you prefer realistic police procedural, get your hands on some Homicide: Life on the Street DVDs (early seasons), as well as The Shield, which is violent and offensive and therefore has some of the best characterizations, plotting, and overall drama I have ever seen.

Happy watching! ;)

Mary Louisa said...

Christa, are you trying to splode my head? What did I just say about hour long dramas????? I must step in gently, toe-in-water gently. What do I start with?

Christa M. Miller said...

What's so philosophical about it? Think two episodes of The Simpsons. ;)

Start with Without a Trace. Because Enrique Murciano is hot. ;)

Lynsloo said...

Yes, crying. Oh my. No wonder you are stressed.

Girl, get the TV turned on and let me hook you up with my lineup.

Christa M. Miller said...

Now Lyn... the girl is trying to learn to write for a living! If she starts vegging like us she will never make enough bucks for D to retire and stay home so she can do more writing! ;)

ML, I forgot to mention about WaT that you don't need cable... it's on CBS Thursday nights at 10.

Lynsloo said...

You're right, Christa :) No good to waste her brilliance :)

ML, I could tape and ship em!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Stephanie said...

So sorry, ML, in regards to not having the "good" cable and not finding L&O.

Has the mystery writes mentioned anything about Simpson's *cough*cough* Clue? mmmmmm....poison doughnut......

Mary Louisa said...

Steph, "Who Shot Mister Burns" is a classic in my book. Now the Clue game, I'm not so sure... Was it Mrs. Krabapple in the Android's Dungeon with a ... poison doughnut?

Stephanie said...

ML, Simpsons clue is a must have. The Frying Dutchman is my fav place to have Col. Mustard (Krusty) hang out! It should be on everyone's Christmas List.

My fav is when Homer decided to get fat for workman's comp and I LOVE all the Treehouse of Horror specials.