Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Their little plan of crashing the Christmas photo shoot and not only distracting baby but also forcing the photographer to snap Mama's white legs and sneakers came to fruition last weekend. Must...climb...into...lap.


jason evans said...

Too funny! We have a pair of Whippets. I'd imagine they're very similar in personality to Italian Greyhounds.

Lynsloo said...

They're GORGEOUS dogs! Maybe I DO want one!

anne frasier said...

god dammit!
somebody with legs whiter than mine!



Christa M. Miller said...

No. Your legs are pink. MY legs are white.


Stephanie said...

ML, you're wearing shorts? :-)

The doggies are cute and at least they work together in their evil plans.

Mary Louisa said...

You people are making me laugh.

Jason--awesome that you have two Whippets!! We used to course R and met lots of nice Whippets and other sighthounds. The bigger dogs have much better manners, I think. Do yours eat vegetables out of your garden?

Lynsloo--YES, you know you want the one who will lick your kitchen floor clean. Flylady will be proud.

Anne--LOL I guess I have you beat in that department. Although...

...Christa claims to be driven snow next to me. When do we get to meet and compare legs, woman? Bring your sunglasses.

Steph--they are capris, and it was sixty-something freakin degrees that day! Yeesh. Of course, it's going down to 28 tonight.


jason evans said...

Do yours eat vegetables out of your garden?

LOL! No, I can't say they do that. They are malicious emotional manipulators, though. They drop their nose and stare at you with those black eyes. Kind of reminds you of those grey alien pictures. Our older dog is very needy. I've never seen a dog literally give hugs before (by bending her head and neck around you). Sometimes a dogectomony is necessary to get her off you.