Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Ketchup


In a nutshell, this is what has been going on 'round here.
Gimme Shelter.
Shelter magazines have stolen my heart and mind again, dammit. I haven't subscribed to House Beautiful in at least four years (since moving to DE), but I picked up a few back issues of that and Home at the library and I'm hooked. Again. We are going to redo the family room, and I wanted ideas. Instead, I found crack.

What have you done with my son?
Never admit to anyone that your child's behavior is evening out. Unless you want to awaken the demon within. Yesterday's pea up the nose was small potatoes compared to his concerted attempt today to break his sister's leg. God. Where's that crack?

Anne Frasier Rocks.
She went and done me a Tarot reading. I asked her to look into my future as a writer. Love love LOVE the CHARIOT card over it all. D told me it must represent my Subaru Forester. (Cuz I also love love LOVE me some Forester.) Anne, I knocked off another from the TBR pile tonight, and am starting PLAY DEAD tomorrow!

Smiley When You Say That.
Yeah, okay, I'm gonna stick with the Smiley's 100 Books yahoo group. Please join with me. Or at least tell me I'm not mad.


Lynsloo said...

You ARE mad!!! ;) Didn't we discuss that yahoo group???

(I read cards, too, if you're ever in CT...........) LOL!!

Mary Louisa said...

It's the damn House Beautiful magazines. I can upholster a headboard! I can texture the walls! I can stencil the floor! I can FLYYYYYYYY! *crash*

Leslie said...

I've signed up as well, but my book won't arrive until December. I'm going to be way behind.

Mary Louisa said...

Leslie, glad to have a fellow traveler!! I think we are all a little behind at this point, but we'll make up for it after the new year, right? Resolutions and all??? LOL

Dy said...

Why, oh why, are home magazines so addictive?

I tried to explain to dh that they're like National Geographic, you can't throw them away... He rolled his eyes and told me I could have another bookshelf if I put it on my side of room.

Mary Louisa said...

Dy, I saw your lovely bookshelves on your blog! Yes, request more. We can always use more. I saved HB and Gourmet for years and years. Good thing Gourmet changed format in the early '90s. Its new look and ridiculous content not only made my lorgnette fall, but gave me an excuse to unsubscribe. (Have HATED the new format ever since--it's like an InStyle of food. Harrumph.)

Mary Louisa said...

I meant the new format made my monocle fall out, of course. If I were holding my lorgnette, I would have dropped them. Just wanted to clarify.

That I am old and hopelessly snobby.

And wrinkled.