Sunday, July 09, 2006

Meet the Skinflintstones, Day 1

My mission:
To spend as little as possible on groceries (food items only) for the next month (July 9 to August 8). At the end of the month, I'll tally my expenses for future reference. I estimate that right now, I spend approximately $400/month on our food, which is way, way too much.

Not knowing I would launch into this project, I shopped yesterday at Superfresh, my overpriced neighborhood grocery store (I shop the sales AND use coupons), and picked up some fruits and veggies at Highland Orchards about two miles away. So, while I am relatively well-stocked in terms of pantry, freezer, and fridge, I will be trying my best to help us live off our stores for the next month. It's me, my husband, my almost 3yo, and my 15mo. Let's see how we do!

Today's menu:
  • breakfast was cereal, milk/soymilk, bananas, two cereal bars

  • lunch was sandwiches of various sorts; we also finished last night's leftovers (tofu and green bean Thai stir fry w/brown rice)

  • dinner was Mexican lasagna (beans, corn, tomatoes and tomato sauce, spices, fake meat crumbles, layered with corn tortillas and jack/cheddar cheese), steamed zucchini and onions, and salad w/avocado. Fresh peach and blueberry cobbler for desert. Kids had graham crackers.

  • Running low on:
    whole milk for the kiddies (D drinks soymilk); only four bananas left

    So thankful I do not have to economize in order to make rent or pay medical bills. Replacing the family room floor seems quite luxurious by comparison. Until you witness the heinous odor assault down there. D and I have almost decided how to proceed with flooring, but in the meantime he is painting the walls to get us moving on the redo. He rocks.


    Alphabeter said...

    According to Federal guidelines, a family of four needs a minimum of $110.00 a week to eat nutritionally.

    Too bad the fake-sugar and corn-syrup laced, salty, fatty, and processed foods are cheaper.

    America isn't fat. Just too poor to eat green.

    Mary Louisa said...

    Good to see you again, Alphabeter! I was not aware of that government estimate. My kids are still toddling eaters, thank goodness, and not ingesting money like teenagers can.

    Mary Louisa said...

    And I totally hear you re. the cost of nutritious food. Our country doesn't make it easy for the poor to stay healthy.

    Alphabeter said...

    Nice to be seen. I'm having oh-so-much fun trying to stay healthy as the docs argue over what I really have. Eating is nothing compared to trying to get decent medical care when you're poor and potentially seriously ill.

    No matter the ultimate diagnosis, I have spent the last weeks enjoying things again, especially writing. But bloglines is still my second stop (after email) and by the time I start, your blogs is one of the first up.

    I hope your planning is fruitful.